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Nicole Berger


Nicole first came to Roseville Community Preschool as a parent in 2016 with her oldest child. Being an ECE major and familiar with Bev Bos' work she knew this was where she wanted her children to be and she was an active participant in the RCP community from the beginning. Nicole was a Board Member for several years and served as the school's Fundraising Co-Chair for several years, as well as volunteering administrative support. Prior to having her own kids, she was a preschool teacher and admin assistant for 10 years. She proudly stepped into the role of Director at RCP in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She is grateful to be in a school where community and play are such strong focal points of the program and where children are truly understood and thrive.

Stephanie O'Brien


Stephanie has been a part of Roseville Community Preschool since 2003.

She spent five years as a participating parent with her two children. During that time she recalls not only was this the place for children to thrive but also where she felt a sense of connection - “I found my place”. When her second child moved on to kindergarten that connection had grown and Stephanie was hired as a teacher. “Working with this age group and helping parents understand what development really looks like, what play really looks like in all its glory, is in my being, I cannot imagine doing anything else”.

Elizabeth DeLisi


Elizabeth began at Roseville Community Preschool as a participating parent for 4 years with her daughter and was hired as a teacher in 2011. Child-directed play is of the highest importance to her as a teacher. She enjoys providing an environment that allows children to take risk and feel free to express themselves without judgement.

Friederike Volk-Wilhelmi


Friederike earned her degree in Elementary School Education in Germany, but after having two children realized that her passion lies with the preschool age. She learned alongside her children everything there is to know about the benefits of play at Roseville Community Preschool. She is committed to supporting each child where they are developmentally, and is passionate about the importance of play.

In her free time, she enjoys baking, running and spending time with a good book.

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